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In an interdisciplinary module, Südpol: Design & Kunst schafft Öffentlichkeit, different study programs came together to create something for the culture center Südpol in Kriens LU. On our first visit to Südpol, we realized that the orientation on the campus is limited. Südpol shares its building with the music school and the lucerne theatre, which makes it hard for people to navigate within the building.

What was our project about?
To support visitors, we created an orientation plan - similar to a floor plan, which visualizes Südpol and its rooms to help people navigate the building. In addition to that, we created an audio guide that captures the atmosphere in the different rooms and gives people some more information about the diverse program that Südpol offers.

What did I do?
I recorded and cut the audio that we used for our audioguide. In addition to that, I supported in creation the interactive interface of our audio guide (e.g. visuals, content).

- Collaborating with people for our audioguide
- Budgeting and organizing the project
- Updating Stakeholders regarding the project
- Ideating the prototype
- Protocolling our process and progress
- Creating the interactive interface in AdobeXD
- Cutting Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

Link to Audioguide:

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