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UX Project - Zweirad-Celsius

In the first semester of my studies, I had the course "UX systems" where our class was tasked with creating a digital twin for Zweirad-Celsius. Zweirad-Celsius is a network project, a bike that travels from school to school in Zurich. They are developing workshops to bring the topic of sustainability into the context of school while challenging the school system.

What was our digital twin?
My group realized, that Zweirad-Celsius is challenged with internal communication. We created a concept, that should support them with administrative tasks. To visualize our idea, we created a prototype of the survey.

What did I do?
I researched on Zweirad-Celsius, interviewed the members of the team and did UX research. I analyzed the current system of Zweirad-Celsius and supported my team by ideating a prototype. In addition to that, I protocolled our process and progress and presented it with my team. Last but not least, I created the prototype in Figma.

- Researching on Zweirad-Celsius (e.g. interviews)
- UX Research
- Analyzing the current system of Zweirad-Celsius
- Ideating the prototype
- Protocolling our process and progress
- Presenting our progress to Zweirad-Celsius
- Creating a prototype of the digital twin with Figma

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